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What’s it to you?

Beauty is skin deep!

It lies within you, always been there. It escapes right through your eyes. You couldn’t hide it if you tried.

If only you could see it, believe it.

Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise❤



How many times have you been told to snap out of your ridiculously big dreams and start being realistic? How many times have they laughed at you and called you names like ‘the dreamer’ mockingly? Have you allowed their words to make you feel small instead of the giant you actually are? Maybe you’ve given up because it’s much easier to follow the crowd than leading it. Or maybe you gathered a little bit of courage to start the journey alone but got exhausted after a few miles. You gave it up to be what they wanted you to be, what they dreamed you’d become. You just couldn’t take the loneliness that came with being an outcast. You chose to lose yourself and be what everyone else thought you should be. The sense of self has been long lost. It feels good to be accepted, to fit in. It’s so much easier to obey. YOU CONFORMED.

You should have walked alone. You should have owned the labels and worn them with pride. You should have allowed yourself to experience the joy in being the outcast. Yes, you should have been the rebel. You shouldn’t have taken a seat at a table you don’t and never will belong. Because you were cut out for greatness. You were set apart to lead that crowd you chose to follow. That part of yourself that was at peace with walking alone, you should have listened to it. You’ve never had a timid soul. Most importantly your dreams, you should not have given them up for anyone. You were going to find your people. The great men and women of the world, the ones responsible for the magical symphonies.

You should have never belonged. You should have never conformed.
You should have…

You matter!

Look in the mirror will you?

What do you see?

What do you have to say to the man in the mirror?

Are you happy with what you see?

Stare right back into the mirror,

Look deep into those eyes,

Tell me what you see,

In those eyes.

Do you see the power?

The greatness, do you see it?

Do you know just what he’s capable of?

The man in the mirror,

Tell him, let him know.

He needs to know that if he reaches deep inside of him, he’ll find the answers.

They are there, always been there.

Let him know that no matter what goes down you have his back.

Tell him to never give up because you won’t let him down.

Let him know just how much he’s needed,

To never dim his light.

Above all tell him just how much you’re in love with him.

As different and unique as he is,

Exactly what this world needs,

A MASTERPIECE like the man in the mirror!

Safety is not a choice

Refuse to live as the one who never pursues their heart’s desires because they’re are afraid of losing. Because they are afraid of getting hurt so they always make safe choices. Desire to go after everything that makes you happy and when you achieve it, live within that moment. It hurts more to live everyday feeling like you missed your train. Feeling like you missed your flight to greatness. Hate to live with the label of the one who wallows in regret. Always wondering what your life would have been like if you hadn’t chosen to ‘be safe’. If what you pursued happens to crumble in the future, find yourself again, pick yourself up and rebuild. In the process, a better version of yourself is birthed. That is how you ought to be remembered. Live your life in such a way that when your story is being told, inspiration is what others draw from it.

Dreams are meant to be pursued, that is their sole purpose. Fears, they are meant to be conquered. And boundaries, they are meant to be pushed, that is why they are there in the first place.

By choosing to be safe, you can never tap the greatness within. By choosing not to explore it, you can never know how high you can soar.

Average is always a safe choice, it is the most dangerous choice we can make. It protects us from the risk of failure, it also separates us from future greatness~ Erwin Raphael McManus.


Truth is we are all a little broken. Some are a little bit more broken than the others. We all battle our own demons. The most important thing is learning to put back the pieces when life breaks you. It doesn’t matter how many pieces you are shattered into. If you can learn to put them back together then certainly you can soldier on. And some parts of us are yanked away from us as we’re shattered, some pieces of us break into tiny bits that we can’t stick back together and I think that’s okay. Gather back together what you can, form a new piece because maybe we were never meant to keep the initial shape. Maybe we are meant to reshape as we go through life. What’s important is to keep reforming everytime life breaks you, whatever shape you develop into, there’s still beauty in it, is it not the beautiful mosaics are made of broken pieces?Always remember that you are your own kind of perfect❤

What do you got?

What makes a man wake up every morning and push himself to press on when all he wants to do, all there to do is give up?

All odds are against him but for that reason, he refuses to throw in the towel.

Tired, exhausted, beaten down but he never surrenders.

He finds just one more reason to get up and push forward.




If we don’t got those, then we don’t got nothing.


Finding you.

If different people bring out different sides of yourself then is it safe to say all those different sides incorporated together is who you really are?

It gets harder every single time when we try to answer this question, who are you? I believe people are complex, it takes a lifetime to really know someone. Quite often, some people discover things about themselves that they never realized before. Then there’s the element of growth, everyone goes through the process of growth. Through growth we change. The way you answer the question: who are you?, might be different from how you are going to answer it in the next 10 years. Not to mean that people lose themselves as they grow, there are certain traits, characteristics that we do not leave behind. As we grow, these characteristics just get refined and grow in depth. This can be likened to a plant, when it grows it changes. The tenderness of the leaves, it grows flowers which will eventually produce fruits etc. It changes overally but it has roots, as the plant grows the roots grow deeper, the roots grow along with the plant. If the plant looses the roots then it seizes to exist. As people we have roots as well, that which is the core of our existence. That which we can use to define ourselves. Even if we go through seasons in life, the gloomy winter days, the hot summer days, we do not lose our roots, better yet, they grow along with us. So maybe if one can put their finger on where they stand when they go through the inconsistencies of life, on the person they maintain under any circumstance then they have found who they really are. That ability to maintain who they are then becomes their character.

Self love

Do you love yourself enough to not want to be anyone other than who you are? Enough to not want to be anything other than what you’re thriving to be everyday?

Give yourself enough chances to try again whenever you fail. Treat yourself like you would treat the one you love. Every single part of you, the flaws, the strengths, the weaknesses, they were beautifully knit together with perfection in imperfections. And when you look at yourself in the mirror, remind yourself that you are a masterpiece. You are YOU and that is what sets you apart from everyone else. The journey you have travelled, the wins and the losses, the hard times, they have made you who you are today, never regret them. You have come so far, take pride in it. Never wish to change anything about yourself because darling, you are perfection!


Nobody gets you it shouts,
You’re so alone it screams,
No one cares to listen, with a cruel laugh it yells.
The echoes linger till the sound hurts
The positivity in me protests.
It fights to suffice
To be heard and to conquer
Most times the efforts go down the drain
It chokes until it becomes a memory of what was,
Big lump in my throat,
Fighting back countless pools of tears,
I swallow it up and force a smile,
My critical inner voice gets loud.
It draws it’s strength from my pain.
I think of it as a sadist.
Slowly, I can feel the joy,
Everything I believe in,
It oozes out of me,
My critical inner voice,
Will you be the death of me?



The four letter word that has unending definitions. Often defined by the dynamic feelings of man, by the different circumstances he finds himself in. They say life is full of ups and downs, but you can choose what to do with yourself during that high or that low. Life is what you make it. It is true that sometimes we don’t get to choose what happens to us, fate. It is what we choose to do with ourselves afterwards that counts. After it all goes down, you can choose to dust yourself up and move forward. Sure, life is many things but you are the co-writer in your own, you also get to decide how you wanna tell it, you decide how you want to live it.

Decide how you wanna be remembered, after all of this has been taken away from you.

#livelife #motivation

The future

Nervous I get everytime I try to picture it,

An anxious feeling creeps up in me,

Then I reminisce what they said about it.

The future,

They said it is uncertain.

They said the best way to live is to live in the present.

They said nobody knows what the future holds.

Most times I see myself happy,

I see myself surrounded by my wildest dreams come true.

Delirious I get.

It’s a high only negativity can pull me down from.

The cruel voices get loud in my head,

Oh they all sound like, “what if you’re delusional? ”

What if? They ask.

Faith is my breakthrough,

I choose to believe it is bright,

The future,

The future is BRIGHT


What makes the truth true?

Does it depend on how it is perceived?

Do we sometimes have to sugarcoat some truths out of respect?

In it’s nature the truth hurts,

it stings.

Defining the word truth it is conformity to reality or actuality.

What if my reality is different from everyone else’s reality?

Does it make my truth less true?

There are just some things that are largely acknowledged as true,

then there are certain things that we individually regard as true.

The fact that it varies or differs from one individual to another raises the question on the truthfulness of a particular ‘truth’.

What’s your thought?

Which one are you?

On your death bed…Are you going to be that person who is happy to die because they know they lived a full life? They shot every arrow up to the last one in their quiver. They have lived, laughed and loved and did all there was to do. They have made mistakes but most importantly, they learned from their mistakes. They have spread their wings and they know how it is like to be up there. They know they can confidently stand before the Master and say,”here, the coin you gave me has multiplied. ”

Or, are you going to be the one that shot a few arrows and somehow lost it along the way? The one that got afraid of stepping out because they were unsure of what’s waiting for them out there. The one was so cautious not to make mistakes because their fear of the consequences was greater. They knew they had to spread their wings but they were told to be realistic because their dreams were ridiculously big. The one that could say they lived but just not fully. They labelled their choices as ‘safe choices’.

Maybe you might be the one that never realized they had so much more inside of them. The one that blames it on life being unfair. They found themselves cruising on the ship of anxiety and depression. They were made to believe they were helpless. They never knew they had wings to unclip. They really dont care whether they live or die because to them, it is just the same.