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Finding you.

If different people bring out different sides of yourself then is it safe to say all those different sides incorporated together is who you really are?

It gets harder every single time when we try to answer this question, who are you? I believe people are complex, it takes a lifetime to really know someone. Quite often, some people discover things about themselves that they never realized before. Then there’s the element of growth, everyone goes through the process of growth. Through growth we change. The way you answer the question: who are you?, might be different from how you are going to answer it in the next 10 years. Not to mean that people lose themselves as they grow, there are certain traits, characteristics that we do not leave behind. As we grow, these characteristics just get refined and grow in depth. This can be likened to a plant, when it grows it changes. The tenderness of the leaves, it grows flowers which will eventually produce fruits etc. It changes overally but it has roots, as the plant grows the roots grow deeper, the roots grow along with the plant. If the plant looses the roots then it seizes to exist. As people we have roots as well, that which is the core of our existence. That which we can use to define ourselves. Even if we go through seasons in life, the gloomy winter days, the hot summer days, we do not lose our roots, better yet, they grow along with us. So maybe if one can put their finger on where they stand when they go through the inconsistencies of life, on the person they maintain under any circumstance then they have found who they really are. That ability to maintain who they are then becomes their character.


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