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The future

Nervous I get everytime I try to picture it,

An anxious feeling creeps up in me,

Then I reminisce what they said about it.

The future,

They said it is uncertain.

They said the best way to live is to live in the present.

They said nobody knows what the future holds.

Most times I see myself happy,

I see myself surrounded by my wildest dreams come true.

Delirious I get.

It’s a high only negativity can pull me down from.

The cruel voices get loud in my head,

Oh they all sound like, “what if you’re delusional? ”

What if? They ask.

Faith is my breakthrough,

I choose to believe it is bright,

The future,

The future is BRIGHT


12 thoughts on “The future

  1. We choose to believe. That can be the greatest strength or damaging depending on what we choose. I believe that knowing that we have the choice is part of what makes us human. No one can see the future, but I can believe the future in anyway I desire.
    Love this post.

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  2. From personal experience, I agree with what has been said. Yesterday is gone. We cannot change what happened then. If we spend time regretting what happened or pondering the events of the past, we are not paying attention to now. Tomorrow is not here yet. We cannot enjoy, dislike or change what happens then until it is here. There is a saying that says, “Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery. If I have one foot in each of those, I’m a’peeing all over Today! I have to agree. It is much better to let those days take care of themselves. Thank You for sharing!

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