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How many times have you been told to snap out of your ridiculously big dreams and start being realistic? How many times have they laughed at you and called you names like ‘the dreamer’ mockingly? Have you allowed their words to make you feel small instead of the giant you actually are? Maybe you’ve given up because it’s much easier to follow the crowd than leading it. Or maybe you gathered a little bit of courage to start the journey alone but got exhausted after a few miles. You gave it up to be what they wanted you to be, what they dreamed you’d become. You just couldn’t take the loneliness that came with being an outcast. You chose to lose yourself and be what everyone else thought you should be. The sense of self has been long lost. It feels good to be accepted, to fit in. It’s so much easier to obey. YOU CONFORMED.

You should have walked alone. You should have owned the labels and worn them with pride. You should have allowed yourself to experience the joy in being the outcast. Yes, you should have been the rebel. You shouldn’t have taken a seat at a table you don’t and never will belong. Because you were cut out for greatness. You were set apart to lead that crowd you chose to follow. That part of yourself that was at peace with walking alone, you should have listened to it. You’ve never had a timid soul. Most importantly your dreams, you should not have given them up for anyone. You were going to find your people. The great men and women of the world, the ones responsible for the magical symphonies.

You should have never belonged. You should have never conformed.
You should have…


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