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Truth is we are all a little broken. Some are a little bit more broken than the others. We all battle our own demons. The most important thing is learning to put back the pieces when life breaks you. It doesn’t matter how many pieces you are shattered into. If you can learn to put them back together then certainly you can soldier on. And some parts of us are yanked away from us as we’re shattered, some pieces of us break into tiny bits that we can’t stick back together and I think that’s okay. Gather back together what you can, form a new piece because maybe we were never meant to keep the initial shape. Maybe we are meant to reshape as we go through life. What’s important is to keep reforming everytime life breaks you, whatever shape you develop into, there’s still beauty in it, is it not the beautiful mosaics are made of broken pieces?Always remember that you are your own kind of perfect❤


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