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What makes the truth true?

Does it depend on how it is perceived?

Do we sometimes have to sugarcoat some truths out of respect?

In it’s nature the truth hurts,

it stings.

Defining the word truth it is conformity to reality or actuality.

What if my reality is different from everyone else’s reality?

Does it make my truth less true?

There are just some things that are largely acknowledged as true,

then there are certain things that we individually regard as true.

The fact that it varies or differs from one individual to another raises the question on the truthfulness of a particular ‘truth’.

What’s your thought?


8 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Things are truthful according to my experience and information. That which is truthful is subject to the transient nature of this part of the universe. Everything changes, my perspective, and reference frame.
    Thanks for this post.

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  2. “Truth is in the eye of the beholder,” was coined by Ruth Hubbard in her 1988 essay, “Science, Facts and Feminism” — an offshoot from “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” which was coined by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford in her 1978 novel — Molly Bunn — [and it changes over time]. (Jan Layton on Each of us sees things from our own perspective; so, what I see is different from what you see. That is the primary reason that what we write is different. Each ‘truth’ is valid and may be different tomorrow – based on what is learned in the interim. You have addressed a valid point. Don’t get me wrong. There are some truths that are self-evident and should be respected as such, but we should never discount another’s truth – nor should we discount our own. Thank You for sharing!

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