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Which one are you?

On your death bed…Are you going to be that person who is happy to die because they know they lived a full life? They shot every arrow up to the last one in their quiver. They have lived, laughed and loved and did all there was to do. They have made mistakes but most importantly, they learned from their mistakes. They have spread their wings and they know how it is like to be up there. They know they can confidently stand before the Master and say,”here, the coin you gave me has multiplied. ”

Or, are you going to be the one that shot a few arrows and somehow lost it along the way? The one that got afraid of stepping out because they were unsure of what’s waiting for them out there. The one was so cautious not to make mistakes because their fear of the consequences was greater. They knew they had to spread their wings but they were told to be realistic because their dreams were ridiculously big. The one that could say they lived but just not fully. They labelled their choices as ‘safe choices’.

Maybe you might be the one that never realized they had so much more inside of them. The one that blames it on life being unfair. They found themselves cruising on the ship of anxiety and depression. They were made to believe they were helpless. They never knew they had wings to unclip. They really dont care whether they live or die because to them, it is just the same.



25 thoughts on “Which one are you?

  1. I probably won’t be laughing at my eminent death, although if at the end I hear that one of my worst enemies just died a painful death I will crack some jokes and drink myself to death even before it comes natural.
    I can say now, If I die tomorrow I will go out feeling complete.

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  2. I want to live this life in such a complete manner that I do not have a ‘death bed’. I want to just continue my journey as I do the things I do – then find myself on the other side. Thank you for sharing, and giving us the chance to share. I like your posts too! The make a person think!

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