Growth, change.

It’s funny how years go by, we celebrate every birthday but don’t get to feel the difference of another year added to our lives. The truth is change occurs, but it’s latent and we don’t get to realize it instantaneously. You just wake up one day with a thing or two on your mind, that which you used to do but grew out of it without you even realizing it.

I used to chat a lot with people on social media. I’d reply to random messages from strangers. As i got older, chatting became a task i was unwilling to perform. Small talk doesn’t interest me anymore, in fact it annoys the heck out of me. It’s like i just withdrew into my own shell. It can be difficult sometimes. Change is never easy to confront or embrace but we just have to take it as it is. In my case, the shift wasn’t easy on my peers. They felt ignored, left out. The change here appeared to be negative but in reality, the change was just me growing up to become who I am and maybe in five years I’ll look back and realize that I changed. There’s certainly no need to fret over that.

How do you deal with growth and change?

4 thoughts on “Growth, change.

  1. I am in a perpetual state of change and although that was turbulent a few years ago it is now something I enjoy and move towards as it brings such positive benefits into my life. Now when I feel stuck or am acting out of habit I ask myself how can I flip this – how could I choose a different response and in this way I actively seek growth. Mind you, sometimes growth can be sideways sometimes. Great post, much to think about here.

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