The Migraine journey

It wasn’t until I turned 18 when i started having regular headaches. Every week i knew I’d be down with one. It was nothing some painkillers and a strong cup of coffee couldn’t fix.

Somehow it worsened, by the time I turned 20, i was experiencing a specific type of headache. A throbbing pain in the right side of my head. The pain worsened with movement. My eyes were failing me too. The world seemed too bright for them. I would wake up with this kind of pain multiple times a month. Sometimes I would feel the pain in my sleep at 2 a.m

Ibuprofen was my way out, most times it managed to save me. I knew i had to see a doctor but i have this thing with hospitals, they creep me out. I managed to dodge for a full year. Eventually I gave in, the doctor diagnosed me with migraine headaches , she also advised me to have a full blood count test done with the hope that she could detect what was causing the headaches which I never went for. She prescribed migril. I’ve been taking it everytime i get an attack. I still can’t figure out what triggers them, sometimes I think it’s deviating from my sleeping schedule but i also doubt that.

The medication does stop a migraine as it starts but it gives me another illness. Upset stomach, weakness in my legs and arms and muscle ache which are some of it’s side effects.

Sometimes it really gets the better of me. The pain is just too great to handle. I still wear specs when i’m outside. The light is too bright for my eyes to handle and they get strained too easily.

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