You determine the quality of your life

What kind of man or woman are you growing to become? Are you aiming to develop your character or you’re motivated by self interest? You may perhaps blame other people or your circumstances for what you have become but you cannot escape the responsibility of determining your own character. You’re honest or dishonest, you are sincere or insincere, you live according to the truth or you are a liar. This is how you’ve chosen to become. You may say that your circumstances forced you to be dishonest but the final choice between honesty and dishonesty is yours. Your character is built on the choices you make. We live with it, everyday we have to make decisions . The choice is always between right and wrong. Maybe your understanding of truth fluctuates according to the demands of the present situation. But what should be understood is that truth is eternal. It is the creator and foundation of a strong and decisive character. If your understanding of truth varies with every changing mood and situation you will always hesitate and your character grows weak. There are always two choices in every situation, always make the right choice and base your character on the truth.

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