Suited. Magnetized

Solitary had always been the air she breathed. It’s like her entire life was built within four confined walls and this room was highly secured inside her head. It would have been better if she felt like she had it all in there. Subconsciously, consciously, there was a nagging thought about a missing piece to complete a perfect puzzle.

It’s funny how like poles of a magnet repel and unlike poles attract. He prefers being told to being shown. He is carefree, goes with the flow and cautious at the same time. Above all, he made her happy effortlessly. He was able to silence that nagging thought inside her head and she didn’t even know how he did it. Could he be that missing piece?

You know what they say, good things don’t come easy. It wasn’t easy. She had to learn to live outside those four walls inside her head. Though she had mastered how to express herself through actions, this one required her to voice it out as well. It was an easy choice because she had no doubt that he was worth it. Just the thought of losing him would rip her apart. She knew perfectly well that if she lost him, she would lose a part of herself and that meant she’d be broken for a lifetime.

She got overwhelmed sometimes by life itself. She’d feel trapped, like her wings were clipped. Flying has always been her dream but fear chokes it out of her. He gets her like nobody else. He believes in her and with that, he taught her how to walk first before she can fly.

And this is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to her….

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